5 LED-base, black, with WHITE LINE ROCK

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5 LED base, black, with a WHITE LINE "ROCK" accessory - light magic set

The ready-made combination: a high-quality black LED base of LED DREAMS with 5 LEDs is combined with a salt stone as a set.

- 5 LED Base black with colour stop - with the following colour circles: red, green and blue
- Batteries included (3 x AAA)
- White Line accessory "Rock" with a weight of ca. 200 g - Handmade from salt crystal
- Due to the nature of the salt chunks, each stone is unique and may vary slightly in form, height and colour from the illustrations
- Only suitable for indoor use
- Our crystal salt comes from the Salt Range in province Punjab, ca. 200 km south of the Himalayas

Power supply and USB cable can be purchased separately.

The LED Base Set is also available in 3 colour circles (red, blue green) in silver.

Contents: 1,00