Mandala Sound Chime - approx. 24” / 60 cm - Sahasrara

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Mandala Sound Chime - approx. 24” / 60 cm ”Sahasrara”

The Sahasrara Chakra also called the crown chakra, is located at the highest point of the head. This chakra is said to be the gateway to the universe. Spirituality and trust in God are also often associated with the chakra. Sahasrara radiates a violet tone and is said to activate access to hearing oneself.

Our wind chimes and spinners fit into any environment with their elegant shape. The radiant colours are also a real eye-catcher.

The hook and the ring, which serves as a fastening, are made of aluminium. The chimes hang from nylon ropes. The sound tubes are also made of aluminium. The clapper and the sail were made of wood. All components together result in our unique sound.

- approx. 12 x 12 x 61 cm
- approx. 240 g
- PU: 12 pieces
- Material: nylon cord, aluminium, wood
- Usable both indoors and in protected outdoor areas
- with the curved S-aluminium hook also easy to hang on the roof overhang or in trees

The chimes are available in different variations, which include all colours and symbols of the chakras.

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