Salt Crystal Therapy Pillow, large

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Category: Wellness

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Salt Crystal Therapy Pillow,large, ca. 40 x 22 cm

- The cover of the cushion is made of 100% cotton
- The content of the cushion consists of 100% crystal salt
- To be used, for example, to realease tension and other minor injuries
- Dimensions: ca. 40 x 22 cm
- Suitable for both hot and cold treatments
- The crystal salt originates from the Salt Range in province Punjab, ca. 200 km south of the Himalayas

Available in the following sizes:

SMALL: ca. 23 x 14 cm
MEDIUM: ca. 45 x 14 cm
LARGE: ca. 40 x 22 cm

The Crystal Salt Therapy Pillows can be heated very well in the oven and will then release the heat continuously. They can be used, for example, to release tension and other minor injuries. They do not replace a visit to the doctor in any way.

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