Salt World

Wagner Life Design offers the right salt crystal product for every taste with the wide high-quality Himalaya Salt Dreams assortment. Due to our long experience we guarantee a careful handling of the extraordinary natural salt crystal.

The salt stones are processed with great care to exclusive decoration and table salt products. Our extremely high quality standards and the elaborate manual work are reflected in the appearance of Himalaya Salt Dreams.

In addition to the well-known orange crystal salt, we can also offer many products in the much rarer white White Line and grey Grey Line quality.

The natural crystal salt from the „Salt Range“ salt mines in Pakistan, was formed about 500 million years ago from a primordial ocean. The Salt Range has the largest crystal salt deposits in the world. Geologically speaking, the salt mining area is part of the Himalayan mountains, even though actually situated ca. 200 kilometres away. The crystal salt is carefully mined by hand.


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