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The Himalayan Crystal Salt originated from the Himalayan mountains about 500 Million years ago is mined in the Salt Range / Province Punjab, 200 km south of the Himalayas and belongs to one of the top quality, natural rock salts. It derives from a primal ocean that got smaller and smaller due to the continental drift and finally dried out completely. Thereby the salt remained, which is now mined in the Salt Range region / Punjab in Pakistan, geological belonging to the Himalayan mountains. This 100% natural salt is carefully hand-picked and selected, washed and sun-dried. It is free of harmful substances and chemical additives, such as anti-caking agents. It is neither iodized nor refined.

The nice pink colour of our high quality Crystal Salt is basically based on its components natural iron and manganese. It also contains several minerals and trace elements, which give it its mild and fine gourmet taste. Compared to regular salt the taste of the Himalaya table salt from Punjab is extraordinary mild and enjoyable. It belongs to one of the best high-quality gourmet salts and is recommended by many well known cooks. Wagner Life Design offers a wide range of different Crystal Table Salt products. Our product line HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS contains different salt mills filled with high-quality Crystal Salt.  On special request we do also offer our well-known Bio-Herbal Salt (DE-ÖKO-006). The Himalaya Crystal Salt is available in different grain sizes and packaging. The HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS products are not only sold in health food stores and organic food stores but also in delicatessen shops and big supermarkets.

Guarantee of best premium quality

Wagner Life Design runs an exclusive production for Salt Crystal in Pakistan. The unique grinding plant gently processes the salt according to European standards. In Germany each container is checked and analysed by the independent SGS Institute Fresenius, which confirms that our quality meets the requirements of the International Food Standard (IFS). We are proud to be an ISF-certified company. Additionally we attach great importance to store retained samples. The HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS Herbal Salt is certified by the Institute AbCert with the Bio-Siegel (DE-ÖKO-006). This ensures a premium top-quality.

Wagner Life Design as your business partner

Wagner Life Design offers you enjoyable gourmet salt at the highest level. As organic and IFS-certified specialist for crystal salt and table salt from Punjab, south of the Himalayas, we have made a name for ourselves in our industry for over 12 years. We maintain our market position through state-of-the-art technology, top quality in accordance with European hygiene standards, professional competence and customer-oriented service. We stay at the disposal of our customers for individual wishes, both in packaging design and in filling quantities and packaging size. For various customers we have already carried out private label projects and developed individual packaging. Please contact us with your ideas. Through our exclusive production it is also possible for us to produce huge container quantities.

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