CHAKRA candle, ca. 20 cm, ORANGE

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CHAKRA candle ca. 20 cm, ORANGE

These PALM LIGHT candle jars are the result of 25 years of experience of Wagner Life Design in the production of high-quality candles. We rank the PALM LIGHT candle jars CHAKRA among the best candles worldwide, because they have the following advantages:

- They can be used indoors and outdoors - even the wind does not blow them out
- They have a very long burning time of ca. 100 hours
- On the surface there are beautiful crystals
- Special wicks are used, which support a clean burn-off
- The glasses are of high-quality fire-proof glass

Swadhishthana-CHAKRA: The center below the navel, also called sexual-, creative- center. It also symbolizes water, centring, taste and the colour orange.

Also available in a set of 4 (ca. 6 cm - burning time ca. 15 hours).

Contents: 1,00