Grater + salt crystal salt grater approx. 11 x 7 x 1,2cm

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Grater + salt crystal 11 x 7 x 1,2cm 

- Salt crystal chunks (2 pieces)
- Stainless steel grater
- Dimensions: L: approx. 11 cm, B: approx. 7 cm

The product contains a high-quality and handy formed salt grater made of stainless steel and pure crystal salt from Punjab / Pakistan in chunks. By scraping or turning the salt body, an individual amount of finest crystal salt is removed, which is characterized by its particularly mild and fine taste.

Our natural crystal salt was created about 500 million years ago and is one of the highest quality rock salts.

Our crystal salt products come from the Salt Range province of Punjab, about 200 km south of the Himalayas.