With the new technology of LED Dreams, Wagner Life Design has succeeded in creating a special alternative for the illumination of crystals and glass elements. LED means: "Light Emitting Diode". Light emitting diodes are used to convert electric current into light. In order to achieve a brighter light quality, several LEDs are used together in one light source.

 The LED's have many advantages compared to conventional light bulbs:

  Higher luminous efficacy

  Low energy consumption

  Hardly any heat development

  Lifetime up to 100.000 hours

  You can create any color

With LED Dreams Wagner Life Design offers different LED bases, which can be combined with different accessories. We also have the patented Wagner Life Design LED Dreams illuminated frames for the indirect illumination of decoration elements. As accessories for the LED bases and the LED frames we have different crystals and decoration articles in our assortment. Due to the variety of possible combinations, numerous new decoration units can be created.