LED-Frame large, Multicolour, 5 LEDs

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LED-Frame large, Multicolour, 5 LEDs

This product development by LED DREAMS is special because the illuminated decoration object is highlighted by the positioning in the light frame, even in daylight , Indirect lighting is also possible by turning the light frame.

- Large LED lighting frame, incl. 4 batteries type C
- External dimensions: H: ca. 21 cm, W: ca. 16 cm, D: ca. 5.5 cm
- Inside dimensions: H: ca. 12 cm, W: ca. 8 cm, D: ca. 5 cm

The large light frame of LED DREAMS is equipped with 5 coloured LEDs with colour change and stop function of the colours red, blue, yellow, green and white (this also dimmable). There are many individual combination options. Various elements can be wonderfully decorated in the light frame. The combinations shown here are only examples. The LED light frames are also ideal for individual product presentations.

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