Display with 24 GEM Tunes with Crystal

Item number: GTC11ASST1

Category: Wind Chimes / Spinners

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Display equipped with 24 NATURE'S MELODY - GEM Tunes with Crystal, assorted colours

This display is perfect for the presentation of GEM Tunes with Crystal.

24 wind chimes in the following colours and quantities are supplied incl. Display:

- 4 x Amber
- 4 x Blue
- 4 x Green
- 4 x Grey
- 4 x Violet
- 4 x Red

- The GEM Tunes with Crystal stand out due to their light, contemplative tones in harmony with nature, which are played invisibly by the wind
- The GEM Tunes with Crystal with a height of ca. 27 cm shine especially through their crystal glass ornaments
- They convince with colourful shiny crystal glass stones, a colour-matched square or round carrier plate and a cut crystal glass windbreaker
- handy
- High-quality workmanship of the different materials

Contents: 1,00