FIRE in GLASS, small, with PALM LIGHT candle

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Illuminated Salt Crystal" FIRE in GLASS", ca. 11 cm high, with PALM LIGHT candle

- Handmade from salt crystal and only suitable for indoor use
- Due to the nature of the salt blocks, each stone is unique and may vary slightly in shape, height and colour from the illustrations
- incl. PALM LIGHT candle
- Not intended for room lighting
- The crystal salt comes from the Salt Range in province of Punjab, ca. 200 km south of the Himalayas

A particularly special decoration of HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS is created by the salt crystal fire in the glass. In this high-quality, fire-resistant glass a ca. 6 cm high palm wax candle is surrounded by salt crystal chunks, which light up wonderfully when the candle is lighted.

This article is also available as white salt crystal.

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